About Trew Slinger

About Trew Slinger Service

Finding a reliable and trustworthy slinger service in Victoria has never been easier. And when you need garden material delivered to your home or project in a timely manner, Trew Slinger Service is your go-to company. 

Vern Trew, owner and operator, has been driving dump commercial trucks since he first received his driver’s licence at 16 years old. He purchased his first Kenworth Slinger Truck in 2005 and never looked back. Today Vern and his brother Jamie work diligently to provide the best slinger services throughout Victoria, West shore and all the way to Sidney, BC. His fleet consists of two Kenworth dually trucks that can deliver any aggregate including bark mulch, gravel, crushed glass and sand, topsoil and any kind of backfill.

Trew Slinger Services Ltd. is based out of Langford BC, serving south Vancouver Island from Sidney to Sooke and all the Gulf Islands. Contact us today and get the best slinger service.

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We Sling it All!

Hi, I’m Vern. 

Langford and the Westshore are my home and I’m proud to be helping homeowners, contractors, the CRD and other municipal developments build our town. If you need any kind of backfill or landscaping services for your property give me a call and I can help reduce the costs and stress associated with these projects. 

My team’s years of experience can also provide tips and advice regarding your property and project. It’s my promise to deliver prompt and professional service while keeping your home clean. 

Call us today for your next landscaping project.

Benefits Using Trew Slinger

Quality Workmanship

We make sure your property is exactly as it was before we arrived. Our slinger operators pay close attention to detail so that we minimize any mess and reduce stress. Our guarantee is to ensure that every job we do meets our standards of excellence and your approval.
Free Estimates
Call us or use our contact form to get a free estimate for your landscaping or construction project. We can provide you with a rough estimate of time and materials so that you save time and energy doing the right work. It's worth calling us because we are known for our prompt and courteous service.
Honest Pricing
We make sure you are provided with a thorough estimate or price for the aggregate materials and labour costs associated with every project. Our invoicing provides you with detailed descriptions of the products and trucking time for every visit. Contact us today!
Precision Placement
A clean property looks great! Our slingers can deliver materials up to 100 feet away from the slinger truck and reach up high enough to sling over single-story homes. It's also great for foundation backfilling.
Intelligent Delivery
Watch our slinger truck drivers sling material over fences and around corners, up or down a bank, in a hole or pool, between houses, off barges and places a dump truck and excavator can't go! Our services save you time and money by eliminating the expensive costs associated with raking and levelling.
Reduce Labour
Trew Slinger helps cut your labour costs by eliminating the need for manual labour, shovels, wheelbarrows, and extra working hours. A single truck operator can produce the same as an entire crew delivering the materials by hand. This makes using our services more cost-effective option.
Minimize Cleanup
Our experienced slinger operators control the flow of materials and reduced waste, making your project a clean site without a direct impact and heavy cleanup. This reduced cleanup time will also help you wrap up your project and save time.
Reduce Damage
If access is an issue, it's no issue for us! Our slinger trucks can stay on the road or in the driveway while still being able to reach whatever location you need it to within 100 feet. And with reduced waste we're in and out without any impact.

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